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Stylistic Mattersxvi

1.        Time for Change1

What is the fundamental distinction between physics and metaphysics? Why should they be distinct?

1.1          Metaphysics4

1.2          Faith and Science5

1.3          Goals of Physics8

1.4          The Block Universe10

2.        Objective Time13

How does mathematics treat time? Is it really an adequate description of what we experience?

2.1          Persistence of Form15

2.2          Special Relativity18

3.        Entropy and Thermodynamics23

A so-called law of physics that does not actually define an arrow or asymmetry of time.

4.        Subjective Time31

How does time appear to us? What are the essential details that support our notion of reality?

4.1          Causality36

4.2          Chance and Choice41

4.3          Time Travel43

5.        Objective Reality47

How would the universe appear if there were no conscious entities within it?

5.1          Transcendental Idealism51

5.2          Laws of Physics60

5.3          Existence63

5.4          Nature of Measurement67

5.5          Mass-energy72

6.        The Mind77

How are our thoughts, perceptions, and even emotions, relevant to a description or interpretation of reality?

6.1          Qualia and Emotions83

6.2          Aesthetics and Art88

6.3          Consciousness91

6.4          Free Will101

6.5          Birth of Subjectivity105

7.        Quantum Reality115

What is the true nature of the wave function, especially in a block universe? Does it bias one direction in time?

7.1          Quantum Mechanics119

7.2          Uncertainty Principle124

7.3          Sum Over Histories127

7.4          Measurement Problem133

7.5          Entanglement137

7.6          Quantum Block Universe144

8.        Arrow of Time163

What underpins the apparent flow of time from past to future? Where is the asymmetry in the laws of physics?

8.1          Gravitational Arrow171

8.2          Causal Asymmetry172

8.3          Environmental Arrow177

9.        Computing189

Why are computers not intelligent or conscious? Can we learn anything by looking more deeply at them?

9.1          Intelligence194

10.      Mathematics201

What is the relationship between mathematics and the physical universe?

10.1       Application of Mathematics202

10.2       Origin of Mathematics206

10.3       Mathematical Universe209

11.      Space-Time and Gravitation219

Is the space-time of this objective reality genuinely real? Where to next?

11.1       Gravity222

11.2       Quantum Gravity225

11.3       More Dimensions228

11.4       Big Bang229

11.5       Emergence235

12.      Conclusions241

So what does reality mean and how much can we expect to understand through science? What are the limits of mathematics and metaphysics?


The poetry of loss and change.

The Great Wave259

The Jester and the Conjuror261


Appendix A: Special Relativity Mathematics263

A mathematical treatment of special relativity demonstrating its simplicity and symmetry.

Mass-Energy Equivalence268

Twin Paradox273





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