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How does this work relate to the work of Carlo Rovelli?

[Informal question, received verbally, 2021]

Are you saying that time does not exist?

[Question arose as part of general discussion of Rovelli, 2021]

How can causality not exist? What about an atomic explosion causing damage?

[Question from Alan Meehan, Ireland, April 2022]

How can the second law of thermodynamics not be connected with time when we see it in action?

[Question from Alan Meehan, Ireland, April 2022]

In the Block Universe theory of time, has future already happened?

[Question appeared on way back in 2017, but is so representative of reader misunderstandings]

When eternalists say "past, present, future co-exist, but don't happen "now"" I am confused. Eact instance is "now", so since they share the same feeling of "now", why not just call them all simultaneous, going on "now"?

[Question from Alexandrina G., France, May 2022]

If there is no genuine passage of time in the universe, what gives us the sensation that there is one?

[Question from Alexandrina G., France, May 2022]

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[5] Carlo Rovelli, The Order of Time, transl. Simon Carnell and Erica Segre (UK: Penguin Books, 2018), p.97.